Hi, my name is Ron Finberg and I created Be Heard Technology. Spending several years as a journalist and having a strong fascination with digital media, podcasts have become my favorite format for consuming content

Whether its news, information or entertainment, there is a podcast for every occasion.

As an avid podcast fan and media nerd, I believe that the industry is in a tough position. Despite a massive growth of global listeners flocking to podcasts, monetization is tough. This is due to a variety of reasons including the lack of listener statistics for the vast majority of podcasts, ad-targeting barriers and low awareness of the benefits of podcasts among advertisers

To fix this problem, Be Heard was created with the mantra than “every podcast should have an easy way to monetize their work”. Our solution is building groups of niche podcasts and connecting them with relevant advertisers.

Be Heard wants our advertisers to ‘Be Heard’ on the best podcasts for their products, and our podcasters to sustain their businesses so their great content can continue to ‘Be Heard’

How it works

Step One

Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested to help your podcast find advertisers.

Step Two

You send us information on your podcast that Be Heard Technology uses to build your podcast an info page that is shared with advertisers. Information includes website URL, brief summary, audio of ad reads you have done in the past (if available) and download statistics.

Step Three

Be Heard shares your information with our group of advertisers. If we don’t have any existing partners that we believe are a match, Be Heard reaches out to local business and pitches them on your podcast.

Step Four

Be Heard shares advertisers that want to work with you. Upon your approval to their advertisement, ad-reads or summaries of their products is sent over.

Step Five

Ad-reads are read on your podcast and Be Heard Technology sends payment for your work.

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