Anchor Rolls Out Improved Listener Statistics to Help your Podcast Grow

After pivoting to focus on podcasts, Anchor has been quickly adding features to be a free one-stop shop for podcasters. Prior to being acquired by Spotify last month (more on that here), Anchor had added podcast hosting, RSS distribution to major podcast players and a basic recording studio with editing and music enhancement features.

One area that was lacking was listener stats. Available were only cumulative listens that can be broken down by date and episode. That is now being changed as Anchor has rolled out much more granular details. Users now have access to geography and platform stats.

Know your audience

The main advantage the upgraded stats provide is help podcasts better know their audience. This information is especially helpful for monetizing content.


Specifically, geography is one of the most important considerations for advertisers. Knowing where listeners are located helps them understand whether they can reach their target market on a podcast. Ideally, geo stats will also include regions or cities. However, at the moment, Anchor stats are limited by country.

Beyond advertising, having knowledge of who is listening helps podcasters cater to their audience better. As an example, knowing there is a large group of listeners in a specific country, a podcaster can create content related to that region. Also, publishing podcasts can be done to fit timezones based on what times are best for listeners.

User Feedback

So far, podcaster feedback within the Anchor community has been positive about the new layout and additional information provided. However, there have also been concerns that listener numbers are being reported lower than in the past. As such, it might take a few feature updates and tweaks for a real consensus to be formed among users.

Overall, the analytics update is a positive for users. The more free features being added to Anchor should cause other industry players to keep rolling out new tools of their own