At Be Heard Technology we want podcast advertising to be better than radio and digital options. This means providing the voice of influencers that is attainable with radio, but using digital stats to provide targeted advertising.

We do this by partnering with podcasters that have local audiences or cover niche industries that are a match for your brand. This model is unique to Be Heard Technology and contrasts with advertising with larger networks that focus on podcasts with general audiences.

How It Works

Step One

Fill out the form below to let us know you want to advertise on a podcast.

Step Two

Based on your product and location, Be Heard Technology suggests podcasts to advertise on that are part of our network. If we don’t have a match, Be Heard reaches finds new podcasts with audiences that fit your needs.

Step Three

You review summaries of the podcasts and choose who you would like to work with.

Step Four

Be Heard shares your intent with podcasters for their approval to your advertisement. Upon your approval to their advertisement, ad-reads or summaries of their products is sent over.

Step Five

Ad-reads are posted on the podcast and listener statistics are provided to you.

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